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indicators show that if the lions win the election, mitt romney. the san francisco giants wind, obama is favored. we also look at the redskins record, and they will be playing the carolina panthers in the final game, and the redskins are slightly favored. and if they win, the incumbent is likely to win. just so you have that. now, onto our election panel. in today's abc -- excuse me come in tuesday's abc news "washington post" poll, romney and obama were separated by seven hundredths of 1%. i don't think i've ever seen anything that close. we're going to turn to michael first to talk about what he sees the election at this point and then hendry will take a look at ohio, the state we're all watching most closely. and, finally, norval look at the senate, compared with and house races. michael, let's begin. >> thank you very much, karlyn, and this is been an exciting election season here. i think we all pretty much agreed we have something of a sea change or significant change in this election after the tour will -- the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. it seemed to tran
governor romney said on the first debate. >> look, i don't have an issue with it. first of all what governor romney essentially is talking about, this is just to clarify, and i'm not going to evade your question, he's saying if china wants to trade we need a level playing field. there isn't a level playing field. t ultimately it is bad for everybody because at some point americans will stop investing in china. and he says he is going to lay on tariffs. so he is saying if you guys want to play this game, we can hurt you just as much as you think you can hurt us. now what will it do to the strategic balance out there which is your question? my guess is that the chinese will push as far as they can as long as there is no pushback. my best example of that is chinese behavior in the last few years in the south china sea where they kept pushing and bullying and to some extent they still are but when the administration, and i give hillary clinton a heck of a lot of credit for this, when she basically got up at the asean conference and made it clear this was going a little too far they back
bite social safety net concern. at what's interesting is in recent weeks as the romney campaign has been able to close the gap despite this data showing that women are less likely to believe that programs create a culture of dependency and despite the data showing that women can more about health care as an issue. women like men are most likely to say that the economy matters in their decision, so it appears that the romney campaign and this is on how the economy is affecting women, namely that there more women in poverty under the obama administration, and the recession has hit women hard in terms of job loss. this message may be making traction among women voters. when it comes to catholics, there are several points to emphasize. while catholics overall are more supportive of obama in this day, it's large function of obama's overwhelming popularity of latino men and women. and i don't include this on the table, but there is a gender gap among the 10 catholics. the two men are less likely to support obama and women but generally speaking the vast majority of latino men are supporti
on the leadership qualities of president obama and governor romney, and what does the camping experience, as we've seen so far, indicate about the approach to management and governance. today with a simple and outstanding panel of speakers to help us analyze these questions. jon huntsman is a past presidential candidate, so he has a lot of authenticity to discuss these leadership questions. but if i know anything about the subject matter i wouldn't be here today. [laughter] >> we are still please you are here. >> the important discussion today. >> many of you know that jon huntsman was elected governor of utah in 2004, when he compiled a very distinguished record. he oversaw major tax and health care reform and also major improvements in public education. following his service as governor he was appointed by president obama as the ambassador to china in 2009. he left that position to run for president and gained tremendous respect for his forthright discussion of important policy challenges. this fall, governor huntsman actually joined the brookings institution as a distinguished fellow, so we
, if we win a majority, we'll hold majority in the house. if we win majority in the senate and mitt romney is next president and paul ryan is the next vice president we will move quickly on an agenda to stablize these tax rates. i tell you by the time mitt romney is up for re-election i think by then we'll see recovery and see unemployment drop at least point and a half. >> what is the acceptable rate? what would you consider to be the acceptable rate of unemployment? king: when i was in iowa senate we had 2% unemployment rate. we call that full employment economy. i would keep trying to drive the unemployment rate down as far as i could. i would never accept that everybody would be working until everybody is working. >> what would you put the number nationally? king: i think we would be very comfortable if we get the number down to 4%. i say in that zone, but i would never let up. >> miss vilsack, your response. vilsack: we have gridlock in congress and congressman king hasn't done of much for 10 years in congress and we need he needs to be held responsible for that. we feed farm bill. th
don't know how the election is going to come up and make no predictions but i do ask myself if romney gets smashed i don't think the political problem is we have a center left problem and we have a far right party that is a structural problem. the republican party has gone nuts in my view. they've been at war -- there's been a simultaneous -- they've been simultaneously at war with physics at the same time. on the deficit and biological l2 mac, some of them for sure. so the question to me is what happens the morning after this election if romney loses. he wasn't far right enough. i wonder if the morning after the morning after. people would say we have gone too far to the right and we need a different republican party which i think the country desperately needs because it needs to be center-left and it's the only way we agree to get big compromises on these issues. >> can i add the role of history suggests the clinton and ronald reagan the second term as the productive term, the big achievement so it's hard to know whether the republican party will -- where they will push the blame if
romney to win the popular vote is going to be by a point or two. what that says is you know, if we don't as a party, republicans don't figure out how to do much better with minority voters particularly latinos -- look, african-americans is going to be hard to expect more than 5%f the vote for a while given that the current president is lack. so they are going to vote for him and his party. that is certainly understandable. republicans have to do significantly better than we are doing right now into the future. we have to do significantly better with latino voters. >> i think it's fair to say that the republicans, you talk about a business model, the republican business model is not sustainable currently. it has to change. one technical question. when i look at various polls and i realize a lot of times the topline numbers look very very reasonable and consistent and then when you start looking at the split, it starts getting more erratic. and i think independent numbers all over the map and it seems to vary enormously from one firm to the next. is that how they word that party i.d. que
airings are coming from pro-romney sponsor coming from outside interest groups. next slide. if we just look at title i c. fours, and it will be much more today about disclosure, if we just look at 501(c)(4)'s, over half of the interest group ads are coming from those groups. that give you a sense of the magnitude and you were looking just at the general election period actually slightly after that, after the last time frame, april 26 through september 8. this is a list of the top spenders on the republican side. we'll have more to say next week about ad specifically where there's been, what you're spending on and what they are saying. next slide. the other thing that we're seeing this cycle, every year as it would always likes to say that this is the most negative election ever. we are using more cautious about that, in fact some of the early releases that we did in 20 is a hold on, it is exactly the same at the end of 2010 we saw an increase and 2010 was more negative than any other cycle we have tracked back to 2000. in 2012, we're also seeing continuing to see that increase in negat
up key states, it says here that backed by a ramp-up in tv ad purchases, mitt romney will spend much of the final two weeks of the campaign presenting himself as a bipartisan bridge builder, aides said, while president barack obama tries the persuade -- to persuade voters to this remine rival is painting a veneer over conservative policy positions. that's "the wall street journal". and then this morning "the washington post" says this: candidates adopt new roles for the final stretch. on a day of high energy rallies, president obama's campaign also announced grand last minute gesture to rebut criticism that obama has no agenda for a second term. his campaign's plans to mail to 3.5 million copies of what it calls the blueprint for america's future. >> host: that's from "the washington post" this morning. and then also in "the new york times" in the morning on the election 2012 section, this is what they have to say. mr. obama's schedule and the tenor of his campaign appearances made clear that his primary mission now was to energize his own supporters and get them to vote, preferably
be a very, very dangerous thing. you never really know what's going to happen. ask mitt romney. you never really know what's going to happen when someone makes off with a videotape of you especially when people get it into the edit room and you lose control over it. which is what happens every night with republicans and the news media. and as a demonstration of what i mean by that a short time ago mrc president brent brozell, big his rick blaine hum if i bogart jacket on tonight, was asked to videotape a message to mrc supporters about the value of mrc's extraordinary and superb internship program. it really is a great internship program. being the nice guy that he is, gruff exterior, he cooperated. little did know that he was being set up by his own interns. and this is what they have done. ♪ . >> hi, my name is brent brozell. i'm the founder and president of the media research center. at the mrc we recognize the importance of equiping young conservatives with the skills, tools and knowledge that they need to help shape and influence the conservative movement for decades to come. that'
of the obama and romney presidential campaigns. we talk with john kneuer who supports mr. romney's tech agenda and ed paisley who supports president obama's. but neither is an official campaign spokesman. "the communicators" tonight at 8 eastern here on c-span2. and our campaign coverage continues live at 7 eastern on c-span with the indiana u.s. senate debate. republican state treasurer richard murdoch goes against democratic candidate congressman joe donnelly. the cook political report rates this race a toss-up. >> this isn't about governor bush, it's not about me. it is about you. and i want to come back to something i said before. if you want somebody who believes that we were better off eight years ago than we are now and that we ought to go back to the kind of policies we had back then, emphasizing tax cuts mainly for the wealthy, here is your man. if you want somebody who will fight for you and who will fight to have middle class tax cuts, then i am your man. i want to be. now, i doubt anybody here makes more than $330,000 a year. i won't ask you, but if you do, you're in the top 1%. >>
security campaign advisers to president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. speaking for the president is michele flournoy who served as his defense undersecretary for policy. and romney adviser dov zakheim who was defense undersecretary and chief financial officer under president george w. bush. they recently spoke at a conference of the military reporters and editors' association. this is about an hour. >> okay. good evening, everyone, and welcome to the military reporters and editors' annual conference. my name's ellen, i'm with the madill school of journalism which is cosponsoring tonight's event. we're delighted to have the opportunity to partner with mre because our goals are very similar. the medill national security journalism initiative aims to educate young journalists and professional working veteran journalists to better improve coverage of national security issues. much the same goals as the military reporters and editors' conference. and, um, we've got a great program tonight, so i think we should get to it. i will turn the stage over to brian bender who
, because today that was when we planned it because primitive to candidate governor mitt romney is giving a major foreign policy address earlier today just to the south of casa addressing many of the middle east policy questions that we will be discussing over the course of the day. and i hope that we will be able to take a look at what the public opinion data may reveal about the potential popularity of the positions governor romney is putting forth. but, let me start by saying the arab awakening in many ways seems to put forward a coherent narrative to the international observers, and particularly to the american public in some ways very quickly. the first few months of peaceful protesters facing off against the police forces of dictatorship gave ways to the dictators when they did in more than a violent response to a much more mixed picture of the violent uprising and elsewhere now what looks like an increasingly entrenched civil war perhaps emerging as a sectarian war act and syria. and then finally last month, with the eruption of demonstrations in tunis, cairo, not only in the middl
potential implication is that it could prompt for example moscow or in the future even romney or obama or beyond that administration to be able to rethink the commitments without the rest of the world. with that, turn it over to you. >> thank you, travis. i'm here to talk about information warfare. information warfare is important because it crosscuts all the different campaigns that we've been talking about. the land, air and sea in the missile campaign. the chinese it's also important because they view information and the ability to use information and the ability to deny information as the primary or the foundational criteria for whether you win or lose on the battlefield. but before i get to much into the information more for let me talk about the pla concept operations to inform the warfare. the chinese are looking to fight a war that has been called a quick war what resolution. they have looked at let's say the falkland islands and the 1991 operation desert storm and they have come to determine that battles are fought with just one campaign. it's not like world war ii were the of
-existing conditions. you know, health care is a big deal, but whether -- is governor romney becomes president we will have romney care or obamacare because we need to solve this problem, and we need to solve it immediately. it is a collaborative effort between private, public, state, local government, and the federal government. >>moderater: senator hatch de. hatch: anything but affordable. 85 percent of the american people have insurance, and we are getting along quite fine. so discombobulated the whole country at a cost over two and a half trillion dollars with all kinds of regulation, all kinds of federal government intrusion. frankly, we in the state of utah did better by ourselves. we did not need the federal government to tell us what or how to do. and frankly, we have one of the best of care systems in the country. we for one of the first states outside of massachusetts to have an exchange. our exchange will not be acceptable to obamacare both, but i have to tell you this, obamacare will lead to destruction. there is no way that is not going to eat us alive. there is no way that we should
romney is elected a review of the ways, what is the likely outcome? will the negate the waivers? will be issued his own conditions? >> the priority of taking office will get a comprehensive reauthorization of no child left behind which will render waivers a new issue. however, it is not clear that will happen, but you need to plan for the contingency that it doesn't. a couple things about the waivers that concern me. the first is the waiver process did not just grant flexibility to states but set forth a host of conditions that states needed to describe to these conditions were generated entirely within the executive branch and sorts of unprecedented act of authority. no question about the authority of the secretary of education to grant waivers from no child left behind. that is in the law itself. there are questions about whether the secretary of education can come of with his own set of conditions with no basis in the law whatsoever and require them to use problems in no child left behind and failure of the administration to get a reauthorization to bring states into agreeing
romney about 47% and the 47% as a lot to do with the race and minority. what can they do for us and also my other question is what room do they have for the minorities to enter the schools like that? >> host: on that video the former massachusetts governor talking about 47% of americans. david of mother jones magazine will be here with us later on in the program to be 8:30 eastern time. he's out with a new book about that video and other campaign 2012 issues to rethink of questions and comments that you want to have an answer when he joins us then. you can send them to the facebook page. we are taking them here as well. here is the arizona republican campaign 2012 courtesy of the museum battle down to the - thing states. these top states drawing 93% of ad spending. this is from the arizona republic. before by election de both candidates are concentrating their precious time and money in the states that still seem to be competitive. those are ohio, florida, nevada, colorado, on what some of virginia, north carolina, new hampshire and wisconsin. that is according to the arizona republic an
governor romney recently has said he won't respond to but he won't cut them. last night your co-chair said he won't decrease, you said tonight he wants a more incentives before competitive grants. i think yourself, it has to come from somewhere. so that's where my take is, if you're not increasing funny butcher increasing income, on the affordability question, so i think you mentioned there is again, to decent people to care deeply about the future of america and education. two different views of how to get there. you mentioned the word dialback and you it to dialback certain things, not dialback others. i think what you said and the campaign said you want to dialback the president's focus on supporting federally supported state efforts to raise standards, for the common core, that you want to die about the federal effort that would require state driven efforts, and i think those are difference. dialback federal funding, things like hell come you talked about refocusing held. i think it's some who wouldn't and fit from pell. i think his proposal which would have of the federal role but in
ticket mitt romney and paul ryan host a rally in lancaster, ohio. and we'll have that live for you as well, starting at 5:40 p.m. eastern, also on c-span. >> can we focus on the issues and not the personalities and the mud? i think there is a need if we could take a poll here with the folks from gallup, perhaps. i think there is a real need at this point to focus on the need. >> how do you respond, how do you gentleman respond to -- >> i agree with him. >> i think in general let's talk about these, let's talk about these issues. let's talk about the programs, but in the presidency, a lot goes into it. caring goes into it. that is not particularly specific. strength goes into it in, that is not specific. standing up against aggression. that is not specific in terms of a program. this is what a president has to do. so in principle though, i'll take your point and think we ought to discuss child care or, whatever else it is. >> and you two? >> ross had his hand up. >> no hedges, if, and or buts i will take the pledge. the american people want to talk about issues and not tabloid journ
to see. it's only arab allies. or as candidate romney says, evidently without looking at a map, iran's only outlet to the sea. this reflects how it is american elite's, not those sitting in tehran here in denial about basic political trends in the middle east, let alone basic geography. by the islamic republic does not believe that serious bashar al-assad will be overthrown by syrians, the key point is that even a post a sovereign government would not be pro-american or pro-israel. and it may even be less seen on keeping the order with israel quiet. and unless a post assad government were taliban like, serious foreign policy will be just fine for the islamic republic. even more significantly, americans have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that today iran's most important arab ally is not syria. it's iraq, the first shia arab led state in history is iraq, but we never mention that. the united states cannot come to terms with the fact today that for the first time america and one of america's key regional pillars, egypt, is in place strategically. you doesn't mean they have t
's heard of the new deal? you've heard of the fair deal? you've heard of the square deal? mitt romney's trying to sell you a sketchy deal. [laughter] [cheers and applause] we are not buying it! >> watch and engage monday as president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate moderated by cbs' bob schieffer from lynn university in boca raton, florida. our debate preview starts at 7 p.m. eastern followed by the debate at 9 and your reaction at 10:30. all live on c-span, c-span radio and online at >> and now, the first florida senate debate between incumbent u.s. senator bill nelson and republican challenger congressman connie mack. this is the only confirmed debate for the florida senate race. it's courtesy of wptv in west palm beach, florida. it's about 50 minutes. >> moderator: good evening and welcome to the campus of nova southeastern university. i'm michael williams. we're honored to have you joining us from across the state of florida and our live audience here in attendance this night. the format for this hourlong debate is simple. each candidate will be asked
first rather than the political party. that is what i have done in the legislature when mitt romney is the governor i voted with him 54% of the time and i would against him 46% of the time and when each vote cannot i said what is best for the people in my district and best for the people in the state? in washington we have a group of people on both sides, 100% of the time with the leadership that is the congressman has done over 16 years. 99% of the time with the leadership and i do think that, again, on both sides putting the country first. and i want to assure the people in this district that when the votes come up i'm going to say to myself what is best for the people than the district and what is best for the country and that is the criteria that i will use when issues come before me. >> moderator: mr. tierney? tierney: to say it's a responsible bill yes they are in the right wing extremism. [applause] i gave you an opportunity to say that we would keep out of the super packs and the 51c4 just like with eisel the debate could elizabeth warren on the different levels i agreed to
playing out in your view? governor romney's advantage or not? >> when you say this day three of the biggest population come to talk about florida, texas, california. i keep thinking if we want immigration done, some of them have to bite the bullet and move to ohio and get thick winter coats and just make the sacrifice for the cause. the southwest eighth you just mentioned were so very important. such a crucial part of president obama -- candidate obama formula for winning. they are all a lot tighter this year than they were four years ago as well. and i think it's no coincidence that so many of those states, including florida and nevada, arizona, the southwest states have been so hard hit economically, some of the states that have been hit the hardest by the foreclosure crisis. so the economic situation, and hispanics who have been disproportionately acted by the economic downturn is having an effect on this. i'll also tell you, the issue is playing out here is that romney has a lot more money than john mccain did. barack obama was able to spend john mccain three to one, four
romney also out on the road today with his running mate, paul ryan. they have a late afternoon in fisherville, virginia, today live at 6:45 eastern here on c-span. and on c-span2 today here at 8 eastern, a new jersey senate debate between incumbent senate bob menendez and state senator carillos. it'll be held at montclair state university and courtesy of nj tv in new jersey. live coverage at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. [applause] >> we need to tackle our nation's challenges before they tackle us. we need to save and strengthen medicare and social security, and we're putting the ideas on the table on how to do that. we're not going the try and scare seniors, we're going to save these benefits for seniors and for my generation so that these promises are kept. >> they have laid out clearly, they say, that what barack obama and joe biden did is they've endangered medicare, they've stole money from medicare, and they've done it to get obamacare and all this, and you see in the ads, and you hear it in everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. >> next thursday
. [inaudible] where mitt romney spoke directly to present obama about this. the president said you don't want revenues? ann romney said i do want revenues. the way for revenues is through growth. that's a conversation allyson and i've been having for the past 20 minutes. i think there is consistency there. so i don't plan on raising taxes on anybody. >> another question? >> [inaudible] would that be breaking the pledge? >> there are so me double negatives going on right now. [laughter] >> a little flexibility reach agreement. >> allyson, you know me. i would love to work on an agreement. >> congressman, isn't a pledge to the citizens of illinois and not to the citizens, not to one person? that's one thing that a lot of people who aren't in favor of the pledge and can't understand is that you should be serving her constituents and not one man. >> i appreciate that and i appreciate the encouragement. i've been reelected three times to congress and to think it's looking very strong right now. the voters will make that determination. >> another question from the audience. >> then let's go to this
romney recently suggesting that if we went off the fiscal cliff and we had the spending cuts in defen it was going to kill jobs in virginia. virginia. i mean, you know. it was a program we didn't cut. >> that's we need leadership from the top as governor in gaza. and i will point back into the governors. successful governors do two things really well. they provide leadership and they propose bold initiatives to their legislatures, and they also have a strategy or a blueprint, if you will, for economic growth in their states for the future. those are the successful governors. we need the same type of leadership at the white house. >> no president has had real organization authority since ronald reagan. i would think that needs to come back. i would go so far as to put some back of authority that was lost after the nixon era. but congress has got to help. some committees in congress are not very good managers of departments is got to be an accommodation here, but you cannot leave the size and the structure of the government we've got in place. this big government that functions in the 1
into the various areas around the world. and i think the governor romney clearly from the other night does not want foreign policy to be much of an issue. he went after president bush had plenty of opportunities and he chose not to do so. he has the knowledge and demeanor to be commander in chief and i think that governor romney wants the campaign to be about the economy. he brought it back to the economy and brought it back to barack obama's record. that is where they want to be. the president is looking at the mess around the world and doesn't want to talk about it. he wants to talk about getting bin laden. as a result, i think foreign policy has taken very much of a backseat. as we all know, the most important issue the president has to deal with, print and the president have an impact on economy? yes. can have an impact on fiscal situation? yes or in any significant way. but he is the sole player by and large on national security issues, and i don't think that we have a particularly good idea from this campaign of the differences between the two candidates as to their vision for america around
administration. governor romney mentioned of course the 2014 drawdown in his monday speech. what he didn't talk about is that it was a strategic partnership agreement that the administration had negotiate with the afghan government, which will keep american soldiers in afghanistan until 2024. do you have a sense of what the minimum number of soldiers should be going forward? >> let me clarify a couple of things. there are more than a few former administration folks here who will say that was not the total point man on afghanistan. i was involved, but share the credit with many, many others who probably had more input than i did. the first point i'd like to make about afghanistan and the big difference between a strong and mr. obama is that mr. obama set a deadline, creed, full stop. i was in kabul december 2009 when mr. obama made that speech. and i was talking to isaf people, the people from international force, you know, people who are out there getting shot at from other countries, not just our own. to a man and a woman, there were a lot of women there, they all, almost took no notice of the
that to leaning towards obama, because it seems that that state has moved away from it romney. north carolina, which at one point had been leaning towards mid romney has been moved back into the tossup category. as we move forward, over these last few weeks we will be looking at states like pennsylvania moving further into the obama category. new mexico, should that be moved further into the obama category? the reverse, places like missouri and indiana, which right now can we conclude at this point that these are firmly in the mitt romney column? that is the kind of thing that we look at, every day there are new polls coming out with reporters touching down in these states, those are the kinds of choices we are going to look at. obviously, it looks like that topic column is getting smaller and smaller and the candidates themselves are spending time in places like florida, ohio, and virginia. as we narrow it down, that is really the real tossup. host: 270 needed to win, your map has 110 tossup states. as you look at them, are there some that are more volatile than others? some that are more li
of what romney or obama want. we have to understand that and proceed from there. >> okay. >> the next administration has to realize a reset was a bunch of wishful thinking. we need to take a hard look at our interests in the middle east, broader, not just in the eastern mediterranean known in the arabic narrative, not just syria, and i think the name of the game right now is iran. the iranian nuclear program, and if the price of stopping the iranian nuclear program is having the regime in iran getting a blow, blow inside iran for losing syria, i wish them strong debate to who lost syria, than be it. we need someone who understands geopolitics, not just as theory, but practice. when i look at the current administration, i sometimes wonder about that. >> all right, ladies and gentlemen, i'd ask you to join me in thanking our pam for what was a -- panel for what was a rich discussion. [applause] we also thank the folks who came in on c-span2. have a wonderful day. thank youingthank youingthank y- thank you for being here at heritage. [inaudible conversations] >> we have more live program
if he wants to get deficit reduction out of raising taxes. president romney will go in the opposite direction. now, how do i feel about that? when i was mayor of new york city, i had a city that had a deficit of about $3 billion. we had 10.5% unemployment. we had 1.1 million people on welfare. we were coming to a -- what was described, one of the reasons i got elected. i got elected because the economy was horrible, had 2,000 murders in the two years before i ran for mayor so i got elected at the first republican in 25 years, first one to remain a republican in 50. [laughter] i got legislated with a very, very simple and direct campaign slogan. you can't do any worse. [laughter] tell me how i could make things worse? 3,000 murders? could unemployment go do 15%. maybe instead of 500,000 people moving out, 600,000 move out. give me a shot and let's see what can happen. my predecessor had done what a lot of people who should never be executives do. he appointed a commission to tell them how to straighten out of economy, but the commission was going to report after the election. the com
? unfortunately, i fear not very much. i won't say much about mitt romney. i would love to be wrong, but on the basis of public statements, private statements that are now public, and choice in policy advisers, there's no chance he'll be engaged in starting a genuine peace process. obamaments a palestinian state. he was decisively rebuked in the first year and a half of the administration not persuading israel to have a settlement freeze many less withdrawal from the territory. could next year be different? i fall into the cap of a time of a two-state solution has passed. israel's settlements on the west bank precluded the possibility. there's too many settlers armed and committed to staying there and not clear they could remove them without risking civil war, and there's mild polling majorities in favor of a two-state solution, there's no significant israeli constituency for giving up sovereignty over east jerusalem and a palestinian state without jerusalem as a capital is a non-starter. there's one state between the mediterranean and jordan river, a state connected by a highly dev
both hope and think he will. with governor romney that's the question and i don't have the answer. his position on the currency manipulator at 12:01 on january 20th gives me pause about his intentions and ability to do so. the obama approach the last ten years has featured for fundamental foundations. number one how welcoming china's rise as a successful and strong country. number two, ensuring that would be consistent with international law and international norms that means organizations like the world trade organization, the international monetary fund, the u.n. convention of the sea, the universal declaration of human rights. number three, ensuring that china's rise enhances the regional stability, and what we have done pursuant to that is we have developed partnerships and alliances throughout the pacific region vigorously from day one. there's no time to get into all of those but relations with korea and japan and australia i would argue have been brought to a new level, and last the economic issues have risen to a much greater place in the u.s.-china relationship than before, en
elizabeth warren's perspective, i think tieing him to mitt romney, supports mitt romney, but -- and nit mitt is unpopular in massachusetts. i think you'll see her try to remind viewers that he supports mitt romney, not president obama, and in the last debate, scott brown would not commit to voting to mitch mcconnell for senate majority leader if re-elected, but i think she'll try to tie him to the national republican party. another thing that happened in the last debate was scott brown was saying as a model supreme court justice, that scalia was the conservative justice, a model for him, and warren's campaign hit hard on that trying to bring up talk of, you know, important job of a senator is to confirm supreme court justice nominees, and scott brown said this conservative is an ideal justice for him. >> host: you touched on this a little bit, but why are people paying attention to the race? >> guest: it's one of the closest races in the country. scott brown is just one of two vulnerable republican incumbent senators up for re-election this year. the other is dean heller in nevada. it's been
leverage about china. i know you endorsed mitt romney. have you had that conversation with him? have you said i find your conversation really deplorable? ass. >> i see the advertisements of the two candidates every day are competing with each other on how to deal with the cheating things with china, and both of you cheat as applied to china. >> and trade. >> and trade. and it may be that in china they do not understand, and i am bothered by the fact that appealing to persons of china, but in my view on china policy is not a secret. it doesn't affect my basic feeling of the candidates spent mitt romney has also talked about maybe doing china as a currency manipulator. would that be productive? >> it would be -- the romney campaign does not check itself. [laughter] spent i will take that for a no. >> i have stated my general vi view. i remember the reagan campaign making statements such i didn't think were adequate to the overall relationship, and clinton did the same thing. i have confidence that the men in the office, president looking at the realities, will come to the conclusion that i
of the square deal, mitt romney's trying to selling you a sketchy deal. we are not buying it. watch and engage monday as president obama and mitt romney meet in their final debate. moderated by cbs bob from lynn university in florida. our debate preview starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern followed by the debate at 9:00 and your reaction at 10:30 all live on c-span, c-span radio, an online at >> i use it in a business capacity. i love keeping up with the hearings. if i figure out what's dwoipg on capitol hill live. i go to c-span. it's thankful for able to watch it live. i feel current and up-to-date. most recently i covered all the technology. cybersecurity was the last one i watched. i needed to know what was going on. i didn't wait to wait for a coverage a couple of hours later. i turned to c-span. >> she watches c-span on direct tv. created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought to you by a publish service. >>> former governor and health and human services tom any thompson debated tammy baldwin last night. it was the second debate of the u.s. senate seat. cook political report ra
know about some of our other live coverage coming up today, at 1:10 p.m. mitt romney campaigning in ames, iowa, with a speech from his campaign is saying mitt romney would use the speech today to quote help crystallize the differences between each candidates economic approach. we will have that live for you at 1:10 p.m. on c-span at 2:00, the funeral service for the late senator george mcgovern. we'll have that live from sioux falls, south dakota. and begin back at george washington university, a law school for a on the dodd-frank law kicking off the morning just a short while ago with the dean of the law school setting up the discussion for the day. >> i'm the dean of the law school, as art said, and i want to welcome you to this conference and, obviously, welcome mary schapiro, the chairman of the u.s. securities and exchange commission. so, one of the things that i think makes this law school, george washington university law school, distinctive and different from other top law schools is the degree to which we are integrated into the real world of law and policy practice in t
the audience up to speed on things. for example we often refer to super pacs as romney super pac or obama's super pac. in fact by definition super pacs have to operate independently of the campaign. one thing that has come about and i don't think anybody anticipated was the time was the single candidate super pac, to elect one candidate. we should know that the romney campaign and the obama campaign or the gingrich campaigns do not play a role in the super pacs. of course as nick pointed out -- >> yes they do. it is always their top people that start the super pac. >> they don't play any role -- of course they do. you don't expect a bunch of romney people to go off and started gingrich super pac or in obama's super pac. you expect a bunch of romney supporters to start a romney super pac. they are than out of contact with the campaign. if we take from there, let's go on and look at a couple of key points here. first the real money is not the c4's. their figures through october 6 showed super pacs spend twice as much as c-4 group so that is not where the big money is. >> it is a reported to
the romney campaign or the obama campaign that wouldn't fit within our definition because they're not trying to sell you something. now if you, maybe they're trying to get you to vote for them but you're not going to presumably pay them money for a service. survey calls, those type of calls also fall within that same issue. they're not trying to sell you something. now there are people that have gone out and tried to make sort of mask their sales calls as political survey or something like that. and those calls are covered and we're absolutely aware of those. >> you know, i'll just throw in kind of unsolicited. our prohibition for political calls has been very successful over the 10 years that i've been involved in our office and even though we've had a number of legal challenges and still go through it. it's a pretty strong legal argument, particularly as it comes to blasting out tens of thousands of these calls to people who don't want them in their home. so the fact that you've got federal statutes on the cell phone, i still think that we're going to be a winner on this idea thaw can not
of government. now let's listen to his challenger, mitt romney, with his answer to that question. >> first, life and liberty. we have a responsibility to protect the life and liberty of our people and that means military second to none. i do not believe in cutting the military. i believe in maintaining the strength of america's military. second, in the line that says we are in doubt by our creator with rights i believe we must maintain our commitment to religious tolerance and freedom in this country. that statement also says that we are endowed by our creator with a right to pursue happiness as we choose. i interpret that as one, making sure those are less fortunate and can't care for themselves are cared for by one another. we're a nation that believes we're children of the same god and we care for those that have difficulties. those that are older and have problems and those that are disabled. we care for them and we look for innovation and all these things desired out of the american heart to provide the pursuit of happiness for our citizens. but we also believe in maintaining for individual
. but it does remind me that, you know, everybody knows mitt romney is having a rough, rough patch as presidential candidate -- [applause] but, all right, all right. yeah. but, you know, a sentence that i have not heard uttered anywhere is if only donald trump had been the nominee. [laughter] because as you recall, he sort of built his campaign around the idea that barack obama was born in kenya or somewhere other than the united states. but that campaign did not take off exactly. [laughter] and mitt romney is there for better or worse. and it is -- and in all seriousness, you know, when barack obama's parents got married in 1960, and it was in kenya -- it was, i'm sorry, it was in hawaii, it was not a freudian slip, that was just wrong. they got married in hawaii. there were people in prison in this country for racial intermarriage. i mean, that's no joke. it was illegal in 20 states in 1960, and it just gives you an idea of how much the country has changed in a good way. but right after richard nixon became president, four vacancies appeared on the supreme court. you never know h
that the democratic campaign hasn't pushed that romney is saying that he will improve the keystone pipeline on his first day in office. this is the dirtiest form of petroleum. its seemed to have a pipeline from alberta to texas. we are not getting this country off of our addiction to oil. it causes cancer and other diseases. we are given an election between two candidates that are both bragging they are going to continue exploring for oil offshore in the gulf and that is absolute treason against posterity. >> host: bill clinton and former president was in minnesota yesterday campaigning for the president. here's what he had to say on the store and climate change. >> was in closely to the candidate said in the debates. in the first debate, the triumph of the moderate mitt romney. you know what he did? he ridiculed the president. ridiculed the president for his effort to fight global warming in an economically beneficial way. he said you are going to turn back the sea. if we could have done that mr. de. all up and down the east coast there are mayors many of them republican who are being told you've
, and last night when we heard governor romney talk about states as the laboratory of democracy so while that may have been a republican democrat comment it got me thinking about our mayor and the work that they do in their communities and i'm going to hand the floor over to them. if you could both talk a little bit about how you see the future of american politics. >> thank you for having us first of all and thanks to all of you for coming to this event. i do believe that our politics is local and as mayor i've had the opportunity to witness decision-making on a local level that has implications for the state and federal government. i will just briefly talk about my background and how i first got into the position as mayor. holyoke is a small city of about 40,000 people outside of springfield in the western part of massachusetts. i was born and raised there and went to the city's public schools became the first to my family to go on to college and when i got to brown studied urban studies there and like a lot of folks my age i chose to come back to my hometown and give back to the city
haven't seen this being a top-level topic for the either the obama administration or the romney campaign team is just indicative of the fact that, you know, it's not really a campaign issue. but i think you will see that it's a very important governance issue, and i expect both sides to be prepared to vote significant -- devote significant energy and effort to it should they be the administration. >> guest: um, i'll take a different tack on that. i think the american people understand that investment in innovation is hugely important to their well being, to their opportunities for jobs, opportunities for jobs for their kids and their grandkids. i think they understand that, and i think they see investment in that is, essentially, investments in the middle class. and they understand that that's what we need to grow to be a prosperous country in the 21st century like we were in the 20th. so i think it'll weigh heavily in a way. i mean, no one's -- as i say, no one's going into the booth saying i'm voting for innovation. but they're going in saying i'm voting to improve my life. i think tha
on behalf of mitt romney. you can see that on c-span. it starts at 4:45 p.m. eastern. now back to the -- and now back to the woodrow wilson center here in washington for discussion on the future of afghan women and girls. >> the director of the program at the wilson center. i'd like to welcome you all to today's meeting on how to protect women and girls when america leaves afghanistan, focusing on education. as i was coming down the stairs with our speaker, she said the problem is not only protecting girls, but it's also protecting girls and boys, how to make sure that they will have access to education. this meeting is called, sponsored by the centers asia program and global womens leadership initiative, a new program at the center run why my dear friend and new college. -- colleague. she's the president of the chair of the new initiative. and you will be hearing a lot from her because she's a very active person, and organized meetings all the time. we i should have a meeting, a joint meeting a week ago with afghani women. so i would like to use this opportunity to welcome her
in the national discussion and the president's proposals and mitt romney's. there has been a fair amount of discussion or lack of clarity about governor romney's tax proposal and i wonder if you have any thoughts or incites about how to achieve his goals in tax policy for what you think the outcomes of the tax proposal might be? >> i had a suspicion that might come up. what magic asterisks were late 20th century loopholes to the early 20 first century in terms of budgetary requirements. thinking back i was thinking back on it, i attended a brookings symposium in the summer of 1980 on a candidate's budget plan. this is the ninth cycle where i have watched the budget plan between two parties. there has not been a cycle when the challenger did not make it look easier than it was. there has not been a challenger who did not do one who did not have some experience like john kennedy who famously remarked when he became president oh my god, it is as bad as i said it was. and so there is always room. .. >> if you do the tax cut, which a commitment was made in at least one stage, that tax cut's a
university from boca raton florida. tonight president obama and candidate mitt romney meet in their final debate. we're looking at the media filing center also known as the spin room you see reporters from all over the world. we are just about three and a half hours over so away from the debate. live coverage gets underway at 7:00 on c-span. let's take a look and listen to the sites there in boca raton. [inaudible conversations] some of the media presence in boca raton florida to win university. we would like you to engage with us tonight from the boca raton with our preview starting in just about an hour and a half at 7:00 eastern. at - cbs news chief washington correspondent >> when i watch c-span i watch for congressional hearings and sometimes those pieces of legislation but more importantly about the house of representatives in the proceedings and speeches. on this congressional hearing subject matters like the appropriations but if you're reading something in the newspaper and get the idea that you want to get the readers to c-span and actually the reason is to get the rall informat
murdoch recently traveled to boston to give advice to the romney campaign about immigration policy. mayor bloomberg has a more of an earlier that day in chicago to advise the obama campaign. up next, the boston event with the two cochairs of the group partnership for a new american economy which supports immigration change as an economic issue. wall street journal executive jarosite moderates the discussion. you will hear from boston mayor thomas bonino. this is about an hour. [applause] >> so the council, needless to say, is very pleased to host a very special discussion on one of the most vexing issues of public policy facing our nation. how to develop and implement there, sensible, and forcible immigration policy. it is a topic that often is addressed with more heat than like. the partnership for a new american economy is working to change that tendency and to promote serious, intelligent, rational, and respectful engagement of that complex issue . we are especially honored to have with us to prominent leaders of the partnership for the new american economy. michael bloomberg, news cor
. the criticism particularly on the romney side is the lack of specifics. now, i don't intend that as a partisan comment. if you're a significant president you have to submit a detailed budget each year. so obama has a detailed budget that cbo scored as producing about 2.4 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years, and if you add that to what was already accomplished, you're at about 4 trillion. you can argue whether it is enough or not. depends whether you think you have to stablize the debt or reduce the debt-to-gdp ratio. but perversely, i'm not actually sure that i would want to see romney detail all the tax expenditure changes that he says he would ultimately come up with. the problem of course, is that in campaigns, if people start putting out more detailed, specific proposals, you mobilize the opposition. and there are some things in both the tax and entitlement area that ironically just kind of like the 1983 social security commission, are, better achieved if the two parties can hold hands and they don't start out being, an obama proposal or a romney proposal or a democratic proposal o
this is a key difference. >> moderator: mitt romney says he likes big bird but he would fire him. federal funding for public broadcasting is an expense we can live without. critics say it misses the point because funding for public broadcasting is so small it has a large return on investment in terms of education. cellist now as you are being watched and listened to on public television and radio stations where you stand on funding for public broadcasting is it a waste or with? >> one of the reasons we wanted to do this is because of what public television represents, and the fact this is free to be broadcast many times, not one might but many times between now and the election. we like that about public broadcasting. i should take an opportunity. my mom is here tonight and i know that she's grimacing a little bit because it's hard to hear all of this when your daughter is being attacked but i know how to stick up with myself. she and i had the most wonderful experience. we came down because of public broadcasting to the irish tenors and we had a wonderful time. she is a singer and has a
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